Сompany register in Estonia

Company register in Estonia

By registering a company in Estonia, you can be sure that you will receive not only a company registered in a stable and prestigious European jurisdiction, but also a reduced to 0% tax rate on retained earnings.

Due to this, Estonian companies attract more and more investors from both Europe and CIS countries. The Estonian company allows its owners not only to legally work with minimal tax burden, but also to deal with EU partners without intermediaries.

Advantages of company registration in Estonia

  • No income tax for non-resident businessmen.
  • Estonia is not included in the blacklists of offshore zones, which allows you to preserve the reputation of business
  • The banking environment is convenient for use, as it allows interaction with any types of currencies, the control of transactions by government authorities is almost not felt.
  • It is possible to operate offshore in Estonia via Internet networks, but the physical office of the company must be present on the territory of the country.
  • The company’s registration process is simple and operational, with locals showing loyalty to foreign entrepreneurs.

How to register a company in Estonia?

The following requirements are necessary for the company to be registered in Estonia. They include:

  • Application for company register Estonia and digital ID – application and protection of digital ID – is the first step in the registration process.
  • Legal address and contact telephone in Estonia.
  • Company registration. This includes the choice of company name and its main sphere of activity.
  • Having a bank account. A bank account must be opened to help secure financial transactions.
  • The establishment of a company in Estonia can be carried out if you know that the legislation of the country allows full foreign ownership and management of the company. The company requires a minimum number of shareholders and directors. Please note that any of them must be an adult (over 18 years of age).
  • The minimum capital requirement is €2,500, but without corporate income tax on retained earnings or investments. Registration of such a tax-exempt company in Estonia is quite popular among investors.

Application of a company registered in Estonia.

Estonian companies are used for the following purposes:

  • Import/Export of Goods
  • Easing the tax burden
  • Asset protection
  • Protection of objects of intellectual property, such as patents, copyrights, etc.
  • Obtaining a residence permit in Europe

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